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Research provides critical insights into the potential medical and behavioral causes of sudden infant death and identifies high-risk groups who can benefit from appropriate education and support.


Back-sleeping initiatives since 1993 have resulted in a 68% reduction in infant deaths from SIDS in Illinois.  SIDS of Illinois, Inc has advocated for and developed the safe sleep requirements for state licensed child care providers based on this valuable research.


SIDS of Illinois, Inc is committed to supporting and reporting on research that brings them closer to eradicating the causes of sudden infant death and helps parents and caregivers who have suffered the death of an infant try to answer the question “why?” The not-for-profit organization helps fund research projects and relies on a team of medical professionals to advise on the selection of the most promising and innovative research.


The NPO has responded to statistics from the Illinois Department of Public Health and other health and human services organizations identifying several high-risk groups that suffer disproportionately from SIDS and other sudden infant death.  They have also increased awareness and educational efforts to help these specific segments of the population with awareness and training in behaviors that decrease the risk of sudden unexpected infant death.


Please take the time to search through the research database below for articles relating to SUIDS prevention and awareness.

Routine vaccines are recommended to help protect babies against SIDS/SUID.  Talk to your doctor about which vaccines your baby can have.

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